Healthy Living Menu

Explore our menu options specially curated to suit your healthy lifestyle

After browsing through our carefully curated menu choices tailored for effective diabetes management, You can order a meal plan now to kickstart your journey towards balanced nutrition and improved well-being.

Plantain flour served with vegetable soup
Amala served with sea food okra and grilled fish
Moi- Moi served with fish/chicken
Boiled irish potatoes with sauteed vegetables and grilled chicken
Grilled potato & chicken served with sauce
Vegetable salads
salmon, fish, seafood-518032.jpg
Chicken salad
healthy_meal on mheals
Tuna salad
Chicken caesar salad
Mheals special salad
Shrimp salad
Green juice (spinach, apple, cucumber, mint)
Beetroot mix (carrot, apple, beetroot, mint with a dash of lemon)
Watermelon & pineapple smoothie

Ready to make a positive change? Order your tailored meal plan now and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle

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